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 We’ve scoured the entire world to find the most pristine octopus that has the perfect texture, a clean, complex flavor that America’s most prestigious chefs demand. That product is found off the coasts of Portugal and Spain, where climate and water quality combined, sustain the largest population of high-quality octopus.


Support Sustainable

Gullo Specialty Foods is a proud advocate of sustainable fishing. As much as we value the quality of the products we provide, we also care for ocean welfare.

Gullo also values ethical fishing, our seafood are pot and trap caught, and does not use any harmful fishing methods.


Moreover, to ensure that overfishing does not happen, and to maintain balance in the ocean, Gullo implements a "no fishing" rule for 4 months a year to give time for reproduction. 

Working to protect the oceans and make all seafood sustainable. 

Gullo Specialty Foods is dedicated to delivering healthy marine and aquatic ecosystems and a secure seafood supply through the creation of a responsible seafood economy. We are working toward a world where all seafood is produced sustainably and protects marine biodiversity. Gullo is your trusted wholesale seafood supplier. 

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Tenderized to Perfection.

Gullo Specialty Foods' proprietary tenderizing method makes an already amazing product into an exceptional one. Our Tenderizing process brings out the perfect texture and taste.

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Our NUMBER 1 selling product.

100% yield, wild-caught, sushi-grade, 100% natural, tenderized with sea salt & ice water then tumbled.

These are pre-cooked octopus legs. Just thaw and eat. Toss them on the grill, sear in a pan, or cut up for a salad. Perfectly cooked octopus all the time!



TENDERIZING makes all the difference.


Tenderization is a method using sea salt, ice water, and tumbler. It's an all-natural process where no additives or chemicals are ever used. This process breaks down the muscles of the octopus and gives us what is called "flower octopus".

Gullo's Tenderized Octopus has a  higher yield between 70-90%, compared with non-tenderized that have 50% yield when cooked.

Tray Octopus

Our Tray Octopus Comes from Spain.


High in protein, with a clean flavor and great texture, this is one of the industry's highest quality Spanish Octopus.  These Octopus eat shellfish and have a sweet, clean and mild flavor.  

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Octopus Legs

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Our Products


The premier line of Tenderized Squid - Available in Whole and Tubes.

Tumble Tenderized Spanish

Sepia / Cuttlefish

Gourmet pasta made the old fashion way - Ravioli, Raw Pasta, and Gnocchi.


Imported Sicilian Desserts and Delicacies. Traditionally made and imported from Sicily, Italy.

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Spanish Sushi-grade Octopus - Available in Tenderized and Untenderized, as well as pre-cooked Tenderized Octopus legs.

Balsamic Vinegar.jpg

Traditionally brewed Balsamic Vinegar made in small batches by a family in Modena, Italy.

Italian-style lamb and chicken skewers. Hand-butchered and skewered.

Grilling Meat

Delicious, high-quality,

Sushi-grade Tuna.

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