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Family owned and operated, Gullo Specialty Foods began their legacy in the food business out of their personal love for seafood. Inspired by his mom’s love for octopus, Frank Gullo formed Gullo Specialty Foods with two goals: One, to provide top-chefs with the finest seafood products anywhere, and two,  to make his mother proud. Frank’s family roots trace back to a small sea-town in Sicily, where his love for octopus began. Frequent childhood memories involve his mom boiling octopus and cuttlefish, then serving it sliced into small bite-size pieces. Frank loved to drizzle it with fresh lemon and eat it like popcorn. 


Since his humble beginnings, Frank has built his Long Island-based seafood importer into a nationwide name, supplying the world’s top chefs with high-quality specialty foods imported from places like Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean, and more. Every single product that leaves Gullo’s facility is inspected with a keen eye and is backed by Gullo’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eating a Meal





We painstakingly source our octopus from the crystal clear, nutrient-rich, waters off the coast of Portugal and Spain. The climate and water conditions are ideal for producing top grade, sushi quality seafood, including octopus and sepia (cuttlefish).




We’ve developed a proprietary tumble tenderization process that gently bathes our fresh catch in softened sea-water. This process massages the muscles of the octopus to create a whole new level of taste. When you want the best in seafood, there’s simply no other company with the passion, dedication and experience of Gullo Specialty Foods.



If not handled properly, seafood’s freshness could wean from the minute it was caught. That’s why we have perfected systems that enables us to provide the best prepping, packing and shipping in the business. This attention to detail helps us proudly provide you with Gullo’s Freshness Guarantee, ensuring you will always get the freshest product delivered right to your door step. Gullo is your trusted wholesale seafood supplier.



The Gullo Family has been in the food business for generations. Our family’s proud history and relentless commitment to quality has been the backbone of our legacy for decades and has enabled us to enjoy the support of a loyal following. That’s why not just any product can bear the Gullo name, it has to be Gullo quality to be a Gullo product.


Meet "Octoman"

Gullo’s Corporate Chef 

Gullo’s Corporate Chef and VP of Business Development, Stephen Fried, is often better known as Octoman. He is the guy zooming thru town on his sea foam green Vespa talking Octopus.

Octoman shares Gullo’s love for Spanish octopus and expresses it in all that he does. Fried is a food curator, journalist, chef; the industries foremost authority on Octopus. Over the past 12 years, he has fostered relationships with countless chefs, restaurateurs and many of the industry’s most discerning Seafood distributors in New York and beyond.

At Gullo, Stephen has played an integral role in the proliferation of octopus demand around the country. He travels extensively to cook and showcase Gullo products at various events and share his enthusiasm and passion with chefs around America.

Cooking for both chefs and consumers, Octoman enjoys sharing his passion for this magnificent creature and training Seafood companies how to sell Gullo products. Octoman loves entertaining at food events, private homes, pop ups, fundraisers, and beyond.

Stephen “Octoman” Fried
Gullo Specialty Foods/Pure Seafood by Gullo 
Corporate Chef/VP Biz Dev


917-655-0908  |  516-938-0243

Instagram: @octomannyc


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